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  • Important: Please Read below and the entire description
  • The Full Purchase Price is: $12000
  • The Deposit to hold the domain while we set up the escrow to close the sale is: $1,000
$1,000.00 with U.S. Trademark "Life Vac"®


Asking Price $12000.00

Deposit $1000.00

The total price for this domain name and United States trademark is $12000.00. The price you see in the shopping cart represents the down payment.

Our goal is to execute a safe, transparent and efficient transaction where the interest of both the buyer and the seller are protected. To accomplish this, we require a small down-payment to hold the domain while we set up the escrow account used to close the sale. We use Paypal to collect the down payment and to collect the balance and close the sale.

Terms and conditions of this offering:

  • BEFORE you pay the deposit at checkout YOU SHOULD READ and agree to the terms of the sale.
  • is owned and operated by GemKingz LLC. GemKingz LLC owns the sole rights to the domain name ""
  • is owned and operated by GemKingz LLC. Brian Rice, who is the Principal of GemKingz LLC owns the sole rights to the U.S. Registered Trademark "Life Vac."
  • No other property outside of the domain name ( and trademark (Life Vac) whether tangible, or intangible is offered or attached to this sale.
  • The payment of the deposit by you (the buyer) and acceptance of the payment by us (the seller), constitutes a legally binding agreement whereby you (the buyer) agree to pay the full purchase price in exchange for the ownership rights to domain name ( and U.S. Registered Trademark (Life Vac).
  • PayPal is the service we use to collect all deposits.
  • We ask for a deposit to simply hold the domain name and trademark for you while we set up the escrow account ( to close the sale.

(1) Upon our receipt of the deposit in the amount of one thousand $1000.00 dollars, we will not make an offer to sell the rights to "" or "Life Vac" to any other entity while you (the buyer) and us (the seller) work in good faith to complete the sale. Within Twenty-Four (24) hours after receiving the $1000.00 deposit, we will forward an invoice to you from the Escrow service ( Upon receipt of this invoice, you (the buyer) will have Seventy-Two (72) hours to forward the balance due ($11,000.00) to

(2) Once verifies and secures your payment of the balance due, they will notify the us (the seller). Within twenty-four (24) hours of the notification, we will initiate the ownership transfer of the trademark to you (the buyer). Once the application to transfer the trademark is approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we will then initiate the transfer of ownership of the domain name. Upon receipt of each transfer of ownership (domain and or trademark), you (the buyer) will indicate your possession by notifying the escrow company and a twenty four (24) hour inspection period for the respective piece of property will begin. The seller reserves the right to have the Escrow company verify transfer of the property if you (the buyer) do not provide reasonable notice of your possession.

(3) Possession of the domain name is defined as the affirmation of the domain transfer authority that the domain has been transferred from us (the seller) to you (the buyer).

(5) Possession of the trademark is defined as the affirmation of the USPTO that the trademark has been transferred from us (the seller) to you (the buyer).

(6) When can verify the property has been transferred to you (the buyer) or the inspection period has ended, will release the balance due to us (the seller) from the escrow account. At that point, the transaction will be considered complete.

(7) Cancellations - Upon cancellation of the sale by you (the buyer), absent of fault on our (the seller's) part, your deposit of $1000.00 is not refundable.

That's it, its pretty basic and straight forward.

Due Diligence:

(a) To confirm ownership of you can check here:

(b) To confirm ownership of the trademark Life Vac®, you can check here:

Please Contact us with any questions and we wish you the Very Best with your new Domain.

Brian Rice, Principal - GemKingz® LLC

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